Access Issues

Are you aware of an access or use issue in your part of the country which you think is supposed to be a public waterway or public lands? If so, please send me your concern via e-mail. I receive numerous inquiries each year, and I can’t commit to writing about your concern, but I will look into it.

If you are considering reporting an access issue to me, please consider the following questions.

1) Is this river or trail you are concerned about advertised as public property?

2) Is the area you are concerned about posted as private property, and if so by whom?

3) What is the position of your local wildlife or state game agency about this area?

4) Have you or anyone you know have firsthand knowledge , of a hunter or angler being warned by law enforcement to stay away from this area?

5) Has the presumed owner of the area been contacted to get their perspective?

The questions above are just the basics of any inquiry regarding access that I would need to know before I began my own inquiry.

Special Note: It is not my job to advocate for any particular angler or hunter when making any inquiries about an access conflict. Should I choose to write about a matter that you bring to my attention (be it a conservation concern or access issue), I will do my utmost to put forth the position of the landowner or other parties in question in an impartial manner to the best of my abilities. My readers and the public at large are best served by presenting as many facts and mitigating circumstances as possible to any access conflict.

If you think there’s a hunter or angler access issue in your area that needs to be investigated you can contact me at